Creative Curriculum

At St. Mary's we believe in a broad and balanced curriculum, where meaningful links are maximised between all subjects. Subjects such as: Geography, History, Art, Music, Design Technology and Computing are taught promoting the English and Maths teaching. Our teachers tailor their planning so that learning is child centred and engaging for all pupils, suiting the wide range of interests and abilities.

Learning takes place with creative flair and through imaginative and enjoyable experiences. Our creative curriculum aims to motivate and challenge learners in a safe, secure and enjoyable environment. Pupils are able to develop self-esteem and see the value and purpose to their learning in a range of areas. This promotes knowledge and understanding of the world around them, to help them to succeed and develop in all parts of their life.


Visits and Visitors

At St. Mary's, great efforts are made to allow pupils to have a range of cross curricular practical, memorable and meaningful learning experiences both in and out of the classroom to support our creative curriculum. We recognise the importance of enrichment of learning and know that visits and visitors to our school enhance elements of our curriculum, making sure that their impact is positive; therefore raising pupils’ enjoyment and achievement.   

Most recently some of these activities have included:

  • Bikeability
  • Hothersall Lodge
  • Dominos Pizza
  • Locality Walks
  • Chorley School Sport Partnership
  • P4C education visitors
  • Money Management classes in partnership with Southlands High School
  • Chorley Swimming Baths
  • Pantomime Theatre Trips
  • Astley Hall
  • Rock and River
  • Various storytellers and author visits to school
  • Music lessons
  • Kung Fu lessons
  • Lancashire Music Service partnership for musical instrument teaching
  • Viking Day


More detail about the curriculum and learning in each class is available in the half-termly curriculum newsletters available on this website in the newsletters/ class newsletters section.