Extended Services: Extended Schools

During the summer term 2005, the Department for Education and Skills published its prospectus "Extended schools: Access to opportunities and services for all". The prospectus sets out the core offer of extended services to be provided by or accessed through all mainstream and special schools by 1st September 2010.

Access to a core offer of extended services in or through schools is intended to raise standards of pupil motivation, aspiration, achievement and behaviour and to promote their welfare. Extended services contribute to the outcomes of the Every Child Matters agenda and a wide range of other government targets. An extended school works with the Local Authority and other partners to offer access to a range of services and activities which support and motivate children and young people to achieve their full potential. Schools do not have to provide services themselves but can work with, or signpost to, other providers.

The following services and activities combine to make up the extended services core offer:

  1. varied menu of activities and childcare
  2. parenting support
  3. community access to school facilities
  4. swift and easy access to specialist and targeted services.

Published in November 2008, ''Extended Services: extra support for you and your children'' provides an overview for parents.