Helping your child to learn

Help Your Child to Learn

Below are some links to websites and leaflets which may be of help in giving you some ideas about helping child to learn. Of course, you can always discuss specific activities or concerns with your child's class teacher. Also included are links to websites, which give information about what your child will learn and how they are assessed in school. Finally, don't forget to visit the KidZone with your child.

Fab New Site! Oxford Owl - Help Your Child's Reading

A free site for parents from Oxford University Press, feauturing practical information on how parents can help their child to read at various ages. Free e-books online too.

Direct Gov: Helping your child to learn (Under 5s)

Find out how to help your child develop maths and number skills through everyday activities. Discover tips on how to help your child develop reading and writing skills both at home and when you're out

Direct Gov: Helping your child to learn (5-11 years)

Includes hints & tips to help develop your child's literacy skills and ways to use everyday activities to develop maths skills.

The National Curriculum

Visit Direct Gov for an overview of the National Curriculum and an explanation of key terms and to find out more about the National Curriculum for 5-11 year olds.

Tests and assessments

The National Curriculum teacher assessments and/or tests are designed to give you and your child's school information about how well your child is doing.