Year 4 First Holy Communion, Sunday May 20th - Pentecost Sunday

It was a warm, sunny morning as the children in Y4 received the Sacrament of the Eucharist for the first time last Sunday at Church. It was a beautiful occasion and a truly special day which I am sure will live long in the children’s memories.

We would like to thank parents, children and the parish Catechists: Father Marsden, Mrs. Grey-Grzecznska, Mrs. Knight and Mrs. O’Neil for their hard work and commitment over the last few months in preparing the children for this wonderful occasion.

Mrs. Grey-Grzecznska noted that, given that it was the Feast of Pentecost, the day on which the disciples were visited by the Holy Spirit and were able to speak different languages, that there were at least four different languages represented amongst the children receiving First Holy Communion.