Welcome to St Mary’s Catholic Primary School and Nursery, known locally as Chorley St Mary’s. This website will give you a flavour of our school and what goes on in it, but you are more than welcome to pay us a visit and find out for yourself.

We have wonderful, well-behaved children who work hard and show kindness and consideration to one another. We have a dedicated and talented staff team all focused on ensuring that our pupils receive the best possible education and care. We have a supportive, committed and welcoming community of parents and governors. We are a well-resourced school, blessed with well-maintained buildings and beautiful school grounds; it’s a great place to come to school!

Chorley, St Mary’s is well-loved and highly regarded within our local community. It has a rich and proud history, but its aims and efforts are fixed firmly on the future; specifically, the future of the children we educate and care for. To this end, we work in close partnership with parents, families and the Parish of St Mary’s to give our pupils the very best start in life.

Children do well at St Mary’s, and we are very proud of what they have achieved and how much they have developed by the time they come to leave us.  

Our vision

From their first day to their last at St Mary’s, we support our children on a journey of learning and faith.

In learning, we want our children, by the time they leave our school: to be numerate and literate, to have received their full entitlement in all areas of the curriculum, and to have the opportunities to succeed in areas of particular interest to them. We want the children to be active and healthy. We want the children to be challenged, to be exposed to the highest quality teaching, to take risks, to be unafraid of making mistakes and to reach their full potential.

On their journey of faith, we want to support our children to develop into well-rounded citizens for the future. We want the children to be thoughtful, loving, caring and considerate members of society. We want the children’s attitudes, decision-making and relationships to be underpinned and informed by Christian values with Christ at the centre of all we do at school. We want to be a Catholic, Christian community which aims for excellence and which learns, improves and achieves.

‘With Christ, we live, love, learn and grow.’

Patrick Smyth, Headteacher