Mathematical understanding is a key skill required in our everyday lives. Therefore, at St. Mary’s, we believe pupils need to be fluent in core mathematical processes and have a strong conceptual understanding that underpins their knowledge. Mathematics is taught daily in school following the National Curriculum Programme of Study. Pupils are given a wide range of practical experiences which are then developed using models and images before moving on to more abstract formal written methods. Reasoning and problem solving opportunities are embedded within the curriculum where children are supported in applying their mathematics in a variety of contexts.

As core skills are integral to developing confident mathematicians, part of our daily lessons follow the Big Maths approach. Within these sessions children develop rapid recall of number facts (including times tables) and build up mental strategies for calculation.

To support them with their learning at home children in Year 1 to Year 6 are given a username and password for MyMaths. To find out more about MyMaths click here.

Teaching of mathematics is taken from the National Curriculum programmes of study for mathematics and children receive a daily mathematics lesson. 


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