Celebrating children’s birthdays in class with children’s books, rather than bags of sweets, is something we are giving a go this year. We thought that rather than buying sweets for the whole class to celebrate a child’s birthday, children could donate a book on their birthday to the class library. Over time, this would really expand the book collection in each class with titles and authors we know the children really enjoy. During the course of each year, we have Ebb & Flo bookshop deliver gift-wrapped books to each class. You would not believe the excitement that causes even in the older classes! So, it’s something we know the children will enjoy.

Ebb & Flo bookshop will be working alongside St Mary's supporting the 'birthday book' initiative and will have a copy of each class list in store. As the year progresses, we will cross off titles from the list and send this out to you again with updates. We realise that this may present an unnecessary expense for some, or that some would simply rather not do this, so there is absolutely no obligation, and it is, of course, completely voluntary.

Below is a list of suggested suitable books for each class. This list is age appropriate and will be a really useful resource for you to use to encourage reading for pleasure at home. 

Brilliant Birthday Books

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