Please find below details of the staff at St Mary's, should you wish to contact us, please click here to be taken to the 'Contact Us' page of the website or telephone the school office and speak to Mrs Wilson or Mrs Hargreaves.


Teaching Staff
Headteacher Mr P Smyth 
Nursery Class Mon - Miss D Bowler Tues-Fri Mrs N Cassidy (Whilst Mrs L Ainscough is on maternity leave from September 2019)
Reception Class Mrs R Singleton 
Class 1/Year 1 Mrs N Grandi
Class 2/Year 2 Mrs J Nicklin (Deputy Head Teacher)
Class 3/Year 3 Mr P Hodge  
Class 4/Year 4 Mr M Jenkins (whilst Mrs S Banwell is on maternity leave from October 2019)
Class 5/Year 5 Miss L Hesketh
Class 6/Year 6 Mr M Cahalin
SEND Coordinator Mrs R Singleton
Support Staff
School Business Manager Mrs J Wilson
Office Administrator Mrs C Hargreaves
Teaching Assistants

Mrs C Ash
Mrs J Blackwell
Miss D Bowler
Mrs V Bradley
Mrs C Catterall
Mrs D Garrett
Mrs E Grayken
Mrs V  Hands
Mrs S Kay
Mrs G McGeown
Mrs K Oldham
Mrs M Owsianska
Mrs A Root
Mrs A St.John
Mrs K Swarbrick

Nursery Apprentice Miss E Lang - on maternity leave from September 2019
Higher Level Teaching Assistants Mrs M Holden
Miss D Bowler
Teaching Assistants (Lunch Break)

Mrs S Pill
Mrs A Root 

Welfare Assistants (Lunch Break) Mrs C Ash
Mrs J Blackwell
Mrs J Nelson
Mrs P Holt
Mrs D Garrett
Nursery Welfare Assistants

Mrs K Bridge
Mrs M Owsianska

Site Supervisor Mrs J Mcaculay
Cleaning staff Miss J Horner 
School Cook Mrs J McKeown
Assistant Cook Mrs J Macaulay
Kitchen Assistant Mrs D Waddington
After School Club

Miss D Bowler - Supervisor
Mrs J Nelson - Deputy Supervisor
Mrs C Ash
Mrs S Pill

Breakfast Club Mrs M McCullagh (supervisor)
Mrs K O'Neill
Miss D Bowler