St. Mary's Catholic Primary School & Nursery


Mission Statement


St Mary’s is a welcoming community who: learn together; live out Catholic values;

celebrate all achievement and believe all is possible in Christ’s hands.

Our school aims are:

To be a loving Christian family upholding the values of tolerance, justice and respect:

  • by promoting each child’s spiritual growth;
  • by celebrating the awe and wonder of life;
  • by developing children’s knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith through the Come and See programme;
  • by being positive role models who treat each other with respect, fairness and who demonstrate forgiveness to one another;
  • by engaging in high quality collective worship together;
  • by celebrating together as a school family;
  • and by developing children’s self-confidence, self-esteem and resilience.

To educate and develop the whole person enabling learners to achieve their full potential through an inclusive curriculum with memorable experiences:

  • by planning and delivering an inspiring curriculum with extra-curricular activities to ensure provision of rich, inclusive learning opportunities;
  • by providing learning with challenge, support and differentiation to meet the needs of all individual learners;
  • by using assessment, marking, feedback and evaluation to inform and enrich future teaching and learning and to track individual pupil progress;
  • by providing opportunities for all staff to develop professionally;
  • and by having high expectations of achievement and behaviour.

To nurture a sense of belonging, to welcome and work in partnership with families, the parish and our wider and global community:

  • by developing our responsibilities as citizens in the diverse local, national and global community;
  • by  helping children to develop understanding, respect and tolerance of other religions and cultures including their own
  • ;by developing strong and positive links between home, school, parish and community;
  • by supporting parents and carers in their role as first educators;
  • by working in partnership with the staff and pupils of the schools that our pupils move on to;
  • by working in collaboration with local schools to share best practice and provide best possible outcomes for our pupils.
  • by working in close partnership with other agencies involved in supporting children’s journeys through school;
  • and by communicating and consulting with all stakeholders.

With Christ, we live, love, learn and grow.