School Nurse

The school nursing team will continue to operate whilst schools are closed. Should you or your child need to access the school nurse then please telephone 0300 247 0040. This service is available Monday to Friday 9-5.

Public Health England have released information and guidance on how to stop Coronavirus from spreading.  They have released lots of great posters for children to help educate them on washing their hands and hopefully staying clear of the virus.  Please find below some links to these documents and the Public Health England website.

General Advice from Gov.UK

Guidance from Gov.UK

Stay at Home Advice

You can also share with your children this YouTube from the NHS on how to wash your hands properly - you can use this song or sing the Happy Birthday song (twice!)

NHS video

Super Sneezes

Horrid Hands

Hand Hygiene

Respiratory Hygiene

How Parents Can Talk to Children About Coronavirus

How To Entertain Your Children At Home 


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