A message from Paul McBeth of Chorley Buddies:


As you probably know, Chorley Buddies was started on the back of the work done in Chorley regarding Synod2020.


One of the many strands that continually arose was connection with the wider community and social outreach. Motivated by that and the needs of the community during the Covid-19 Emergency, Chorley Buddies was formed by parishioners from St Gregory’s and St Joseph’s, Chorley, with many good wishes from other parishioners from other parishes.


Since our first day on Wednesday 25th March, we have grown to provide a service across the whole of Chorley Borough Council. We are on the Stakeholders Steering Group, working with Chorley BC and other agencies to work out how best to meet the needs of Chorley during the Emergency. But like all volunteer groups, we need to raise money to continue with the work. We have been awarded £750 from the Community Foundation for Lancashire but need another £1000 to continue our work for the coming year. There is a massive need for continued support, well beyond the easing of the lockdown.


We have created a crowd funding page on JustGiving. Please consider donating. Any amount is significant. As they say in Scotland ‘Many amickle maks amuckle’!

Help raise £1000 to help fund telephone lines for a befriending & shopping service.